Me birra e shampanjë në duar, britanikët ‘harbohen’ pas 4 muajve karantinë


Pasi qëndruan katër muaj në karantinë, të rinjtë anglezë e kanë shijuar mbrëmjen e djeshme nëpër pube e festa, kryesisht në Londër.

Me birra, shampanjë e cigare në duar, ata kanë festuar si asnjëherë tjetër lirinë, duke e ‘fshirë’ nga kujtesa pandeminë që i mbajti shumë gjatë të mbyllyr.

Ata shihen pa maska, pa distancim social, duke kërcyer e kënduar. Mes tyre shihet edhe policia, e cila qëndroi në gatishmëri për mbajtjen nën kontroll të situatës.

Two women are seen on the ground in a street as people crowd the Soho area last night as pint glasses littered the road
Arrests as outdoor drinking and dining resumes in London for the Glorious 12th as lockdown restricts were eased last night
The police try to clear the streets of Soho at 11pm as pubs, restaurants and bars close after the first day open after lockdown
An ambulance was called to take away one lady who was found slumped on a pavement in Birmingham late last night
One drinker got carried away - by her friend - in Birmingham as young and old joined together to enjoy restrictions easing
Drinking in the street in the Soho area of London last night as coronavirus restrictions eased and the celebrations started
A group of friends drink tequila at a table outside a bar in the Northern Quarter of central Manchester last night
Soho appeared to be back to normal last night despite it being less than one day out of the coronavirus lockdown measures
Soho welcomed back drinkers in their hundreds who did their best to social distance despite the huge numbers out and about
Revellers partied the night away in Birmingham's Arcadian complex in the city's China Town on the first night of lifted rules
Forgotten how it's done? One reveller was pictured appearing to inhale his two drinks through his nose as he returned to bars
Revellers last night enjoyed a taste of lockdown freedom with their first pub drink in four months, as England lifted rules
Pubs up and down the country threw open their beer gardens and outdoor drinking areas for the first time since early January, while shops, gyms and hairdressers were finally allowed to reopen. Pictured: Police attempted to maintain order in Soho last night
But as day turned to night, and the drinks flowed, rowdy revellers faced a crackdown from police. Officers were seen attempting to enforce social distancingi n London's famous nightlife district of Soho. Pictured: Revellers enjoyed a night out in Manchester after restrictions were lifted
Crowds were seen gathered in Newcastle, where pictures show a raucous party-goer lying in the road with drink-in-hand as revellers watched on in surprise
In Leeds a group of girls were seen cheering and celebrating as they enjoyed their first night out in four months
Britons partied in the streets of Soho on Monday night as measures were lifted on pubs and bars in England for the first time since January
It was hugs and celebrations for revellers in Soho on Monday night, as hundreds took to the street in celebration of the easing of lockdown measures
Groups gathered in the streets to enjoy a drink in scenes one person described as being 'like VE Day'